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Shepherd AR/VR

Shepherd VR/AR 2015 (Unity 5.x)

At Unite 2015 in Boston, our team presented a cross platform VR/AR project that showed the Unity editor deploying the same project to PC, Oculus, and Microsoft Hololens, live on stage during the Keynote.

This was the first time Unity was shown running a project for both VR and AR in the same breath. This project was put together under an extremely tight deadline and platform constraints; we had just six weeks to produce a design and complete art, code, animation, and sound.

The time stamp in the video link is not reading properly.

Please jump to 31:35 to see this project. 


Beau FolsomCraig Blum | Pete Moss | Andrew Maneri | Omz Velasco | Donnavon Webb | Derek Shiu

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