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Beau Folsom, Art & Creative Director

ABOUT Beau Folsom


I have spent nearly 10 years designing and building creative content for emergent technologies. Along the way I explored photogrammetry, authoring physically based materials, real-time "GI" lighting, and streamlining the AAA art pipeline for use in high end mobile devices and VR. More recently I've explored Unreal 4, and Unity's HDRP; I helped produce a pop-up exhibit that was showcased at Universal Studios Florida, based on the "Stranger Things" franchise, and used in Satya Nadella's keynote address (as an example of tech intensity) to the audience of Ignite 2019.

When I worked at Unity, I worked directly with Unity's strategic partners. I have designed and delivered demo content, as well as consulted for many companies for Unity; among them are Qualcomm, Samsung, Nvidia, Microsoft, Valve, JPL/Nasa and more...

I have also designed and created VR and AR content for more than five years on a range of platforms and HMDs; Most recently I have been working as a technical artist on the HoloLens team at Microsoft.

In my career I have worked as Art Director, Art Manager, Senior Artist, Designer, and in many other creative and management roles, at companies such as Realtime Worlds, Zombie Studios, Midway Games (Surreal Software), Electronic Arts and Squaresoft.




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