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Protector - High End VR

Protector -- High End VR 2016 (Unity 5.x) Experimental and unreleased

In 2016 we attempted our most ambitious project to date. We were dealing with untested technology, untested integrations, and a completely new design medium, but this project truly pushes VR in Unity to the limits. 

Here are some of the features:

  • Original IP, Design, and Story

  • Minimum frame rate  of 90FPS -  running under 11ms on the GPU

  • Standard Shader PBR textures and materials

  • Real-time lighting and shadows in VR

  • Eight fully animated character types

  • Over 4 minutes of choreographed hand keyed animation (for eight character types)

  • Professional voice acting with the help of a professional script writer

  • Fully positional 3D sound (HRTF)

  • Physically accurate massive destruction baked in Unity

  • AAA particle FX

  • Fully interactive and semi-reactive experience

  • All environments and characters produced in-house

Though Unity did not formally release Protector, it has been provided to several external groups for profiling and bench-marking. NVIDIA is one of the more recent companies to use it.


Beau FolsomCraig Blum | Pete Moss | Andrew Maneri | Rod Lopez | Omz Velasco | Donnavon Webb | Bradley Weires

Several external contractors

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