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Photogrammetry Beach

Photogrammetry Experiments 2014 (Unity 5.x)

This project began as an experiment with Photogrammetry, initially using shots from our yards and office parking lot. When a major Unity partner took interest in our results, we convinced them that we could build an ultra realistic scene for their mobile chipset. We eventually focused on the Washington coast for its unique beauty.

First, we built a working DX11 version of the project -- then ported it to a high-end mobile device running alpha OpenGL ES 3.1 plus extensions. We achieved real-time lighting and shadows, dynamic time of day, a dynamic waterline with wave reflection, and 
advanced techniques like dynamic tessellation and real-time
GI bounced light.


Beau FolsomCraig Blum | Pete Moss | Andrew Maneri | Derek Shiu | Ryan Watkins

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