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Nightmare Redux WebGL

Nightmare - Redux for WebGL 2015 (Unity 5.x)

This project was for the Microsoft Build Conference in 2015. It was going to be used to debut Microsoft Edge, but Microsoft decided Edge would not be ready in time for the show, so the project was never shown.

Unity's UK content team was kind enough to lend us their Nightmare project which we proceeded to enhance. We added a win/lose game component where the kid is defending his bed from the stuffed animals -- If the kid succeeds, he hops in bed and goes to sleep, if he fails he becomes one of the toy zombies…

The changes:

  • All new lighting and image effects

  • Animated and interactive environmental toys that respond to your shots

  • New damage states and deaths for the stuffed animals -- They blow apart

  • dismembered limbs continue to chase the player

  • Environmental Lighting dynamically shifts as the battle moves towards victory or defeat

  • New toy laser gun for the kid

  • All new FX and particles

  • New Music and sound

  • Dynamic physics setup for block toys

  • And a lot of little touches…


Beau FolsomCraig Blum | Pete Moss | Derek Shiu

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