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I provided direction and inspiration for this team of talented goof-balls. In our time at Unity we built dozens of projects both small and large, simple and complex, across many of the platforms supported by the Unity Engine. We frequently worked on prototype hardware in an alpha version of the engine. It often served as an exercise in patience, but we routinely delivered to a high quality bar with slim resources.

The Unity Creative Content Studio team in the order we joined

Beau Folsom - Art Director/Designer/Story Teller

Craig Blum - Senior Artist/Photographer/Aficionado

Pete Moss - Senior Programmer/Musician/Wayfinder

Derek Shiu - Animator/Car Lover/Enthusiast

Scotty Peterson - Creative Director/Producer/Metalhead

Andrew Maneri - Graphics Programmer/Renaissance man/Rapier wit

Rod Lopez - Senior Programmer/Bright/Traveller

Omz Velasco - Associate Art Director/360 Filmmaker/Talented Performer

Donnavon Webb - Senior Artist/Body Builder/Good Samaritan

Ser En Low (Sean) - Tools Programmer/Cheerful/Inquisitive

Collectively we have over A Century of game development experience, spanning the gamut from Hollywood movies, AAA games through indie development, to old school 2D console titles.

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