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“Evan” (2013) -- Early prototype Unity 3.x

This project was shown in the Executive Suite at GDC in 2013 to companies like  Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, and Qualcomm.

We’ve been told that because this showed Unity could achieve “console quality” content, it  was pivotal to signing our first contracts with these companies.

“Evan” GDC 2014 (Unity 4.x - 5.0)

These assets were eventually built into a vertical slice of a console game with full game controller support, enemies, a full suite of main character animations and abilities, an environmental puzzle, and a boss battle. This was also one of the first projects besides Unity's “Viking Village” to take advantage of our new PBR pipeline (Enlighten).


Beau FolsomCraig Blum | Pete Moss | Chris Johnson | Gavin Goulden | Derek Shiu

a few external contractors

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